Medical Invitation

Medical Invitation is a company specialized in marketing of medical supplies for laboratories and hospitals.

we provide medical laboratories with all they need to build a decent lab including medical equipment, diagnostics, disposables, kits, elisa, surgical supplies.

We always care about the quality of our products and aim to provide a professional service to all our customers and always strive to achieve all the aspirations of our customers through their continuous feedback and comments


Individual Approach

Why Choose Us

Customer Service

We are always distinguished by the highest level of customer service, which makes our customers happy to deal with us.

product quality

We always strive to work with the highest quality products in the market, which guarantees our customers the high quality in all products.

special brands

With us you will find your favorite brand, as we always work on brands that are popular and convenient for our customers.

special prices

To gain customers attention and make our products shine in their eyes, we always provide best prices for best quality products and also special offers for certain quantities.

customer treatment

As we aim to earn the trust of our customers, you will always find a prompt response to your requests, and you will find yourself satisfied after every business deal.

private maintenance

As we also work on analyzers and medical devices, we provide distinct operation and maintenance services through professional engineers.

distinctive follow up

As one of our customers, you will find frequent (weekly) follow up to meet all your needs even before you contact us yourself.

Modern Treatment

We are working to make dealing with our customers more professional through digital treatment through our website, which facilitates the process of communication and work achievement.

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